The Lavender Story

            By Caurie Layne

I remember as a child watching my mother in awe as she transformed herself with the simple flick of a mascara wand or smooth draw of lipstick. Beauty has always been a sort of magical thing to me because not only can it change the outward appearance of a person, but adds to the way they feel on the inside.

Over the years of gymnastics, cheerleading, make-up artistry, and just being a girl, I have picked up on a few things that make a big beauty impact. It's sort of like your make-up "Bang for the Buck." Number one on my list is without a doubt lashes! What speaks femininity and beauty more than a fluttery set of eyes? I've worn my fair share of falsies, and have applied more than my fair share to other girls. I was tired of the stiff edges, pinching bands, and over-the-top look of basic synthetic types that could be used only once or twice. So I set out on a mission - find the best lashes and wear them often. 

Through seemingly endless testing and research I founded Lavender Lashes. What a dream come true! I'm now able to wear comfortable, premium quality lashes like a celebrity AND share them with my friends! It's amazing how much quality counts when choosing the perfect lash, but then isn't that how everything is? You get what you pay for, and the exceptional craftsmanship, comfort, look, and longevity of Lavender Lashes is worlds away from anything found in a local drugstore. 

So why Lavender? I racked my brain for months trying to think of the perfect name for my products. One day it hit me. There is a wall-sized image of Lavender fields in my office that I look at often for inspiration, stress relief, and just to daydream. I love the color of Lavender, the smell, the look, and the way it seems peaceful. It just felt right to combine two things I love to create a brand! 

I'm so excited for the opportunity to make a difference in the way someone feels, and very thankful for this journey called Lavender!