Frequently Asked Questions

Lavender Lashes 

How do I apply my Lavender Lashes?  Gently pull the lashes from the box using tweezers along the outside of the cotton band. Be sure not to pull from individual strands. Hold the lashes to your eye to measure, and trim from the outside as needed. It's best to allow a little space from the inside corner of the eye. Use a small amount of adhesive on the band (we love DUO), and slowly apply to the lash line while looking down. If Lavender Lashes are applied correctly, you should barely feel them! Click the link below for a quick tutorial!

How long do Lavender Lashes last? With the proper care and love, Lavender Lashes can be worn up to 20 times! To keep your lashes beautifully in-tact, be sure not to pull on individual strands or handle roughly. Some shedding of the fibers is normal, and is likely to happen over time due to the handmade nature of the lashes. 

How do I clean my Lavender Lashes? We do not recommend cleaning with soap and water as it can damage the natural shape and curl of the natural fibers, as well as the integrity of the cotton band. Access adhesive can be removed by gently pinching and pulling from the cotton band with your fingers. It's best to only clean after every 4-5 uses to extend the life of your lashes.

What I can I do to take care of my Lavender Lashes? Store Lavender Lashes in their magnetic box to keep their natural shape and safe from dirt, dust, or anything else that could harm them.


Does Lavender offer discounts for bulk orders? Yes! We would love to provide wholesale information upon request. Please visit the Contact Lavender page for inquiries. We also offer a wholesale program for make-up artists and other beauty professionals.